The Office of the 教务长 is committed to cultivating an environment where your possibilities can become reality. The 教务长 serves as your primary advocate 为 students 和 their holistic developmental needs (i.e.(教育的、社会的、个人的、精神的). 史密斯大学. (澳门太阳首页网址) We provide you with the care 和 support needed to successfully navigate our campus culture 和 l和scape by connecting you with the appropriate university 和 community resources. 我们知道,你们每个人有时都会面临挑战. 我们在这里倾听并回应你的担忧和不满. Cross-campus collaboration ensures that every step has been taken to reach the best possible resolution.


我们的目标是让你的大学生活有意义! Having a great college experience is about experiencing everything your campus offers inside 和 outside the classroom. 了解自己的权利和责任, 与人交谈, 参加校园活动, 加入一个组织, 优先考虑, 去上课, 注意你的个人和精神健康, 和 帮助! 我们真诚地希望澳门太阳首页网址成为一个你可以 成长 在这里, 光无处不在!






我们知道您可能有一些问题和顾虑. 请花一点时间填写“询问院长表格”. 收到你的关切后, the 教务长 will connect with you to answer your questions/concerns, 指引你到合适的办公室, 或者通过面对面/电话/视频会议安排会议.



以下是我们从学生和家长那里收到的一些问题. If you do not find the question or answer you need, please get in touch with us at:



比德尔1号厅st 地板上.


We recognized that students may encounter obstacles that can impact their ability to be successful in college. 澳门太阳城首页网址. Smith Students that experience unexpected or unavoidable hardships can complete the 紧急援助申请表格 并访问题为“紧急援助”的资源页以获取更多信息.

The Center 为 Languages, Rhetoric 和 Culture operational hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. 到晚上7点.m.,在佩里大厅(104室). 本科生亦可透过网上预约或电邮(centerLRC@sydney-homeopathy.com)预约下一次预约.

At 澳门太阳首页网址, you have access to online tutorial services--namely Smarthinking Online Tutoring Services. Smarthinking is an academic online tutorial service that offers you on-dem和 support from tutors in over 25 subjects, 包括科学, 数学, 写作, 业务, 阅读, 外语. You students can connect with an expert tutor, 为 a drop-in session 24 hours a day.

澳门太阳城首页网址. 史密斯大学 provides 和 coordinate support services 和 programs that enable its students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential 和 to increase the level of awareness. 残疾人服务办公室在麦考利大楼的地下室.  可以联系到他们 704.378.1282.

In the event of a grievance regarding an academic issue, a student must initiate the process. This action is required to facilitate bringing the grievance to the person against whom it is being made against (i.e.(教员). 学术上的不满可以书面形式提交,并通过电子邮件(如.e., an email sent to the 教师 member); captured on a “Speak Out Smithite” 为m; or, 通过澳门太阳首页网址门户网站. 与之前讨论的申诉程序不同, which are centralized 和 operate under the auspices of the 教务长, 学术申诉过程是分散的. 大学的学院/学院, 教务处内, 处理, 管理和维护通信记录, 与学术不满有关的日志和决议. If by chance, an academic grievance is received by the university’s 教务长, via deanofstudents@sydney-homeopathy.com 然后将其重新定向到适当的学术单位.

澳门太阳城首页网址型. 史密斯大学 (澳门太阳首页网址) Student Grievance Policy provides students a 为um to express grievances (or concerns) related to issues involving students, 教师, 工作人员和/或联合政策团成员. 对于不涉及骚扰的不满, 性暴力, 攻击, 和/或歧视, a student should put his or her concerns in 写作 和 submit them to the 教务长, 通过电子邮件 deanofstudents@sydney-homeopathy.com.

在启动退出程序之前, you should consult with your advisor to discuss the reason(s) 为 the withdrawal 和 develop a plan 为 degree completion. 退学:从大学退学, you must obtain an Official Withdrawal Form from the Office of the Registrar or download one from the 澳门太阳首页网址 web portal. You should complete the 为m 和 submit it to the Office of the Registrar where it is placed in your permanent record. Failure to properly withdraw from the University may result in a grade of F 为 all courses in which you are enrolled that semester.

是的. 学生食品储藏室, also known as the Golden Bull General Market is located at 301 Campus Street, 夏洛特,北卡罗来纳州28216.

是的. The clothing closet is in the Career 和 Professional Development on campus. They are located in Career Services – Building 15 (Located across the street from Campus Security at the main entrance to the University). 可以联系到他们 704.378.1045 or career_services@sydney-homeopathy.com.

The Center 为 Career 和 Professional Development assists students 和 recent alum comprehensively to plan 为 internships, 职业生涯, 研究生院 & 毕业后的生活. They are located in Career Services – Building 15 (Located across the street from Campus Security at the main entrance to the University) 可以联系到他们 704.378.1045 or career_services@sydney-homeopathy.com.



The 紧急援助 Program supports student persistence toward degree completion by removing un为eseen financial obstacles from their path, 如果不能迅速解决这个问题, 会导致学生放弃接受高等教育的计划吗.


澳门太阳城首页网址 史密斯大学 provides funds to eligible students facing short-term, nonrecurring emergencies with an award of emergency aid dollars to remedy the situation. The student requesting the aid will complete an online application 和 submit supporting documentation of the emergency. There will be a pre-determined list of criteria to approve or deny a student’s request. All required documentation must be submitted in the online portal 和 adhere to all program guidelines 为 approval of funds.





Expenses covered by the Emergency Assistance funds include, but are not limited to:

  • 公用事业公司
  • 住房/租金
  • 医疗/牙科
  • 运输
  • 照顾孩子.


  • 在职或全日制注册证书, 申请援助时的副学士或学士学位课程. 研究生不符合条件.
  • GPA是2分.申请批准时为0或大于0.
  • Complete the online application provided by 澳门太阳首页网址 和 upload supporting documentation of the financial need (i.e., 需要无保险的医疗, 汽车维修估价, 住房或水电费意外变动的书面通知).
  • 完成规定的金融教育课程
  • Benefit from having an expense paid with emergency aid through this program, 在援助计划的整个生命周期内不超过500美元.
  • Be entitled to use of the emergency aid funds with no expectation of repayment.